UK Solar Cuts May Be CHallenged By Coalition Partners

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The other day I reported that the row over UK feed-in tariff cuts was getting political, and nasty, and that the solar industry was getting ready for a legal fight. But Business Green reports that there is dissent even within the coalition government, with the Liberal Democrat party facing severe pressure from local membership to fight the hasty nature of the feed-in tariff cuts:

Liberal Democrat councillors are preparing to revolt over the coalition government's crackdown on solar subsidies, as a growing number have been greeted with stiff opposition from outraged householders and companies fearing swingeing job cuts.

A secret briefing document seen by the Guardian reveals the extent of Lib Dem anger at the controversial policy to slash solar power incentives for households - a policy that many local Lib Dem politicians feel is a betrayal of their core values. Local councillors are being advised to push for a postponement of the subsidy cuts, as a minimum.

This could get interesting.

UK Solar Cuts May Be CHallenged By Coalition Partners
Opposition politicians are mad about solar subsidy cuts. But the coalition's Liberal Democrats are getting ready to revolt too.

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