UK Government Secretly Promotes Canadian Tar Sands, Fights EU Legislation

With its solar industry on the ropes fighting hasty, dramatic cuts, the UK coalition government's claims to be the "greenest Government ever" are looking less and less credible by the day.

Evidently the "oil orgy" organized by activists to highlight collusion between the UK and Canada over developing tar sands has not been enough to deter British efforts to tap into this most destructive of fossil fuels. Now comes news via The Guardian that the UK is secretly helping Canada to push its tar sands interests in the European Parliament by fighting proposed legislation to penalize oil from tar sands:

The UK government has been giving secret support at the very highest levels to Canada's campaign against European penalties on its highly polluting tar sands fuel, the Guardian can reveal.At the same time, the UK government was being lobbied by Shell and BP, which both have major tar sands projects in Alberta, and opened a new consulate in the province to "support British commercial interests".

The British Government, for its part, claims that this is about avoiding the singling out of any one country—but rather dealing with all crudes, not just "one type from one country." Anti-tar sands campaigners point out that no specific country is mentioned in European legislation, and that tar sands have been proven to be a greater source of pollution than any other crude by a wide margin.

It's looking increasingly likely that the only green promise that the "greenest government ever" intends to keep is that of chancellor George Osbourne, who recently pledged that the UK would not take a leadership role in CO2 cuts after all.

UK Government Secretly Promotes Canadian Tar Sands, Fights EU Legislation
The self-proclaimed "greenest government ever" is busy promoting one of the dirtiest fuels on the planet.

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