Energy News: US Emissions Set to Rise in 2013, Cuomo's Fracking Aide, Indian Point Power Agreement Set to Expire

New York Power Authority's Indian Point Contract Will Expire
Indian Point nuclear power plant's license expires in 2013—plant operators are trying to renew it for another 20 years, against fierce public opposition and opposition from Governor Cuomo. Now, Reuters reports that the New York Power Authority's power purchase agreement for 200 MW of the plant's 2 GW capacity will be allowed to expire in September 2013. Plant operator, Entergy will continue operating the plant beyond that time, even with an expired license, until relicensing procedures are resolved.

New York Governor's Fracking Policy Compromised by Aide's Fossil Fuel Ties?
Environmental Working Group is alleging conflict of interest in Governor Cuomo's handling of permitting fracking in the state, as an aide to the Governor has investments in the oil and gas industry:

An investigation by the Environmental Working Group found that Lawrence Schwartz — who has the title of Secretary to the Governor and is considered “the ringleader” in the governor’s office in part because state deputies and commissioners report to him — has a history of investing in oil and natural gas companies. Since 2009, Schwartz has reported investments in several companies engaged in shale gas development, including one he identified as “Mobile Exon,” apparently a reference to Exxon Mobil Corp. Exxon Mobil has a direct interest in Cuomo’s decision through its subsidiary, XTO Energy, Inc., which holds leases for natural gas drilling in New York’s portion of the gas-rich Marcellus Shale. Schwartz also reported financial interests in a firm or firms he identified variously as “Williams Co.” and “Williams Companies,” apparently references to The Williams Companies Inc., an oil and gas pipeline firm that has a general interest in the Marcellus formation that underlies large portions of New York and other eastern states.
Rising Natural Gas Prices Will Increase US Carbon Emissions in 2013
Remember that historic drop in coal use in the US over the past year, and how it resulted in equally historic drops in greenhouse gas emissions? Well, 2013 may well reverse that trend, an Energy Information Agency report shows. Due to higher natural gas prices (an expected 20% increase), coal-fired electricity is expected to rise 9.3% next year.

Energy News: US Emissions Set to Rise in 2013, Cuomo's Fracking Aide, Indian Point Power Agreement Set to Expire
Higher natural gas prices are likely to lead to a shift back to coal, a new EIA report shows. More...

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