The Pickens Plan Was, Is & Will Be More About Pickens' Profits Than Environment

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If you ever had even an inkling that The Pickens Plan was far more about pushing technologies that would profit T. Boone as much if not more than benefit the United States as whole, let alone actually do anything about climate change, it's high time you read a new piece from Yale e360.

While the headline is put (in good lead-you-in headline form) as a question, there really isn't much of a question about it. The Pickens plan was, is, and will be about Pickens first and foremost. The environment barely registers. Here's Pickens:

"You're stuck with hydrocarbons -- come on, get real," Pickens, the 82-year-old Oklahoma native blessed with a silver tongue and a self-deprecatory, down-home charm, told the reporters. "I've been in meetings before where somebody says, 'I want to cut out all coal-fired plants and go to wind.' What are you talking about? I mean you'd run the price of electricity 10 times what it is [now]. Realistically you've got to use coal and you've got to use oil and, no, I don't approach it from an environmental standpoint. But my record is good on the environment."

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