Rick Perry's Jobs Plan: Drill Like Crazy, Destroy the Environment (Video)

rick perry energy adYouTube/Screen capture

Rick Perry says his jobs plan will put 2.5 million Americans to work. And oh the work they'll do! Drilling for oil, building pipelines to transport that oil, drilling for gas, building pipelines to transport that ... you get the picture. This campaign ad pretty much sums up his ploy:

That's right: No alternative energy. No solar, wind, or geothermal. No clean energy period. Oh yeah, and get rid of as many pesky environmental protections as possible. This nation is going to get to roll it's sleeves up and get dirty, in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, experts have pointed out that Perry's plan wouldn't create even close to 2.5 million jobs, and would only add jobs over the course of 25 years. And most Americans want more clean energy, though conservative politicians and Fox News opionators try to do their best to ignore them.

In short, Perry's energy plan is a cowboy fantasy from a bygone era: As everyone but GOP presidential candidates seem to know, it's time to start thinking beyond oil.

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