Rick Perry Would Kill the Dept. of Energy, If He Could Remember it Existed (Video)

rick perry doeYouTube/Video screen capture

So, you may have seen this already. And for good reason: It is hilarious. Rick Perry, who the media had touted just a couple months ago as Mitt Romney's mightiest Tea Party-backed challenger, has since revealed himself to be a paragon of ineptitude. This incident in last night's GOP debate, is far and away the most epic gaffe he's let loose yet. Watch:

In it, Perry claims that he will eliminate three government agencies as soon as he's elected president. He rattled off the first two: The Department of Commerce and the Department of Education (!), before forgetting the name of that third pesky bureau he can't wait to shut down. His peers suggested the EPA, hoping to jog is memory -- or to end the squirm-inducing misery of observing Perry try to remember his talking point -- but nope! He only wants to drastically rebuild the EPA, not eliminate it. Whew, I guess.

Mental powers taxed to their limit, Perry eventually gave up -- after nearly an entire minute of forcing anyone watching him into a state of dumbfounded awe.

"Oops," Perry said.

After a couple more rounds, Perry remembered that it was the Department of Energy that he'd wanted to kill, durnit! Oh well, after this admittedly fantastically amusing event, we don't really have to worry about Rick Perry trying to shut down any government agencies. Ever again.

Rick Perry Would Kill the Dept. of Energy, If He Could Remember it Existed (Video)
This video, which features 53 seconds of why Rick Perry will not be our next president, also reveals his desire to eliminate the DOE.