Reggie Watts explains why we need a price on carbon

The Climate Reality Project has a smart new video that explains the reasons we need a legally-mandated price on carbon pollution.

In short: "We are all paying the price of carbon pollution. It's time to put a price on carbon and make the polluters stop the carbon destruction."

Here's how they describe the project:

The Price of Carbon highlights the direct link between fossil-fuel energy and dirty weather caused by carbon pollution, documenting the substantial costs to the American taxpayer — from repairing the devastation of Superstorm Sandy to emergency drought and flood relief.

“Climate disruption means rising insurance rates, higher medical bills, and a higher cost to taxpayers, to name just a few of the financial impacts,” said Maggie L. Fox, President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project. “It’s time to jump-start a conversation about the true cost of carbon pollution.”

And it's narrated by Reggie Watts! See more videos in this series at The Climate Reality Project.

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