Peter Kent canned as Canadian Minister of the Environment

Peter Kent
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UPDATED: Departure confirmed. See bottom of post for more information.

My favourite tweeter, Straphanger author Taras Grescoe, posted a joke the other day:

Canadian envoy to Bolivian Minister of the Navy: "That's absurd! You have no coastline!"

Bolivian to Canadian envoy: "Why absurd? You have a Minister of the Environment, don't you?"

Now while this appears to have offended many Bolivians, I thought it was very funny, and nailed Peter Kent in his complete uselessness. And now, it appears that our Minister of the Environment is being has been shuffled out of his job. Kent was previously a newsreader for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and knew his way around a teleprompter, which made him the perfect sock puppet for Prime Minister Harper, who was delivering the script.

Rick Smith made a long list of Kent's shortcomings in the Star. He writes:

Many governments of the past have ignored the nation’s environmental protection needs, resulting in years of stalled progress. But only Mr. Kent has stepped up to the plate, Orwell-style, to re-make the Ministry of the Environment into a green rubber stamp for destructive, ill-considered, industrial behaviour, all while glibly blaming “foreign interests” for meddling with Canada’s overwhelmingly foreign-owned oil and gas sector. Only Mr. Kent has actually spearheaded the wholesale abolition of key elements of Canada’s already threadbare federal environmental protection architecture.

This is fun, watch Peter Kent explain global warming to the CBC audience- in 1984. Note how he says, 29 years ago, that "the scientific community is virtually unanimous" about it.(Sorry about the commercials)

UPDATE: Leona Aglukkaq, Member of Parliament for Nunavut is the new Minister of the Environment. She was the first Inuk ever appointed to Cabinet and previously served as Minister of Health. This could bode well.

Peter Kent canned as Canadian Minister of the Environment
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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