Obama Goes to Bat for Clean Energy

President Obama just finished posing for a photo op at a wind turbine manufacturing plant in Iowa/calling on Congress to preserve clean energy tax breaks. He's making it a point to single clean energy out as a source of job creation and American innovation, embracing it as a campaign trail talking point. Which is smart, because pretty much everyone but jerks and deeply partisan Fox Newsophiles wants to see more clean energy.

Obama's bag o' rhetoric on the topic reflects this, and is chock full of battle-tested renewable energy-boosting axioms. They include the predictable nuggets, like how we need to "highlight the need to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and develop more secure domestic energy sources by investing in clean energy manufacturing" and that clean energy tax "credits have played an important role in fueling that job creation, and as a result have strong bipartisan support from Governors, Members of Congress, as well as industry."

Which is true. Clean energy gets love from politicians everywhere—everywhere, but the ideologically rigid Congressional GOP, which, naturally, opposes it.

The production tax credit (PTC) is currently one of the most crucial breaks for clean energy, and it's set to expire. Here's how Obama feels about that:

"Since 2008, the United States has nearly doubled generation from renewable energy sources. We need to keep this momentum going. But if Congress fails to act on these credits, industry experts project that tens of thousands of Americans will lose their jobs. That’s unacceptable and unnecessary."

Indeed it is, sir. Obama's also calling on Congress to expand the 48C Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit. But Congress, being Congress, probably won't.

Obama Goes to Bat for Clean Energy
The president talks up clean energy on the campaign trail.

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