Obama's Gas Prices Infographic

obama gas price ifographicWhite House/Public Domain

Even the president makes infographics these days. Or at least one of his sleep-deprived, twenty-something staffers with solid social media skills does—and this one's pretty good. It's a collection of charts and graphs arranged to support Obama's "all of the above energy agenda", and to counter growing rumblings that his policies are causing rising gas prices (which they aren't).

obama gas prices infographic White House/Public Domain
As such, it's worth taking the presentation with a grain of salt. But most of the data behind these charts comes from the nonpartisan Energy Information Administration, and there's nothing really shocking or outlandish about them. They show that a) domestic oil production has risen under the Obama administration, that b) more domestic production does not lower prices, and that c) the price of gas is caused by growing global demand and political instability around the world. All of which is indeed accurate:

The last chunk isn't as useful, as it claims to explore that annoying "all of the above" energy slogan Obama lifted from the GOP. But the rest gets it pretty much right. Even if it is one giant graphical representation of "Hey America, this one's not on me", that's fair enough—it's the truth.

Obama's Gas Prices Infographic
Or, "Hey America, this one's not on me."

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