Now Alberta is phasing out coal too

alberta coal mining photo
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The other day, I reported that the UK is planning to phase out coal by 2025, unless serious advances are made in carbon capture and storage technologies. Now Alberta—sometimes referred to as Canada's Texas—is aiming to do the same by 2030.

It's all part of a ramped up climate change plan that will also include a significant increase in support renewables (unlike the UK's phase out, which leans heavily on nuclear and gas), a methane reduction strategy that is targeting 45% cuts by 2025, as well as the introduction of a "revenue neutral" carbon tax.

Interestingly, the news is being welcomed not only by environmentalists like Greenpeace, but by representatives of the tar sands producers too. Here's Canadian Natural Resources Limited chairman Murray Edwards at the news conference announcing these measures:

"On behalf of Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., my colleagues from Suncor, Cenovus and Shell, we applaud Premier Notley for giving us, to provide us the position of leadership on climate policy."

Exactly what a "climate leadership position" looks like for the tar sands industry is beyond me at this point, but I am glad to see that the oil companies are not getting in the way of moving things forward. And I am also intrigued to see Big Oil cheering the phase out of Big Coal.

The fossil fuel industries really are beginning to turn on each other. This could get interesting.

Now Alberta is phasing out coal too
Canada's Texas appears to be going green. And environmentalists and oil companies alike are celebrating.

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