New Jersey Approves $446 Million Solar Power Proposal

New Jersey solar power
CC BY 2.0 Flickr user Andrew Maiman

New Jersey approved a plan to expand the use of solar power yesterday, giving the go ahead to two projects proposed by the utility company Public Service and Gas. The projects will be financed by an incremental increase in utility bills.

The first part of the program will offer nearly $200 million in loans to business and residents to install solar power systems on their homes, the AP reports.

The second part of the program will finance the installation of new solar collection points on brownfields and landfills. The New Jersey Spotlight takes an in-depth look at the initiative:

The other program, known as Solar4All, calls for spending $247 million on developing grid supply, building primarily on landfills and brownfields. All but three megawatts of the 45 megawatts generated would be on those vacant properties. The balance would come from grid facilities on parking lots, from improving power-grid security, and grid facilities on government facilities.

New Jersey Approves $446 Million Solar Power Proposal
The renewable energy plan includes loans for residents and businesses and building new solar installations.