Natural Gas Prices, Not Renewables, Responsible for Biggest Rise in Bills

natural gas flare photo

While elements in the UK's Conservative Government have been blaming renewables for rising bills and damaging the economy. But the fight back has begun. A recent survey showed that Brits want more clean energy and more subsidies. The Confederation of British Industry said that environmental regulation was not a burden. And now Business Green reports that an independent report has concluded that the vast majority of recent rises in energy bills is down to more expensive natural gas not, as some in the tabloid press would have us believe, the viral spread of solar panels:

New analysis from the independent body finds the majority of homes have seen their annual bills rise from £604 in 2004 to £1,060 last year. But almost two thirds of that increase was down to rises in the wholesale gas price, compared to just a seven per cent increase resulting from renewable energy subsidies.

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