More Like This Please: Attack Ad Hits GOP Congressman for Supporting Handouts to Big Oil (Video)

oil subsidy attack adYouTube/Screen capture

Nobody likes oil subsidies. Not me, not you, not even your crazy conservative uncle Jerry. Giving tens of billions of dollars to Big Oil every year is one of the stupidest, least productive uses of hard-earned taxpayer money imaginable. There are but two distinct groups of people who like oil subsidies: Oil companies and the politicians whose campaigns they generously contribute to. And these politicians have evidently assumed they're impervious to criticism for continuing to support the extension of said subsidies -- which is why they continue to vote in favor of federal handouts to oil companies while simultaneously bemoaning the evils of government spending.

Clearly, there's some serious ideological dissonance there. And I've always thought that it'd be a good place for Dems to hammer the GOP on -- apparently, so did the League of Conservation Voters. The green group is running the following ad that does exactly that in local Michigan markets. Watch:

Not only are oil subsidies seriously unpopular, but highlighting the Congressional Republicans who vote to keep the handouts flowing (that's literally all of them) also exposes a powerful ideological hypocrisy. It's a twofer. It's a potentially powerful attack strategy that Dems across the country could use to both make some headway in repealing these venomous subsidies while scoring political points in the process.

More Like This Please: Attack Ad Hits GOP Congressman for Supporting Handouts to Big Oil (Video)
Republicans claim we need to cut government spending, but continually vote to give billions in federal handouts to Big Oil. Pointing out this hypocrisy could prove a powerful political tactic.

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