Mitt Romney's Oily Energy Plan, by the Numbers


Mitt Romney announced his oil-soaked energy plan, and it may as well have been drafted by ExxonMobil's senior lobbyist. Which is wholly unsurprising; Romney has worked hard to transform himself into a cipher of the Tea Party right, so it was expected that his energy plan would call for a reprisal of the drill, baby, drill mentality.

The big bullet points are as follows:

  • Expand drilling on federal lands

  • Grant states more leeway in approving oil and gas projects, give the federal gov less say

  • Expand offshore drilling, starting in Virginia

  • Secure a partnership with Canada and Mexico to more efficiently import their oil
And that's pretty much the gist of it. I have a more in-depth screed about the overwhelming oiliness of the plan over at Motherboard, but that's its core. It should be noted that Obama's energy agenda is plenty oily—he's resumed drilling in the Gulf, he's pushing nat gas drilling, and he's gone ahead with the southern rung of the Keystone XL. The biggest difference is that Romney would scrap any policy supportive of renewable energy, starting with the production tax credit for wind.

It's also notable what the Romney Agenda (his term) doesn't mention: climate change, of course. The League of Conservation Voters circulated their tally of some key words and phrases of the plan:

Number of Pages: 21
Number of Words: 10,272
Mentions of Oil: 154
Mentions of Wind: 10 (5 of them Negatively)
Mentions of Solar: 14 (4 of them Negatively)
Mentions of Wind Energy Production Tax Credit: 0
Mentions of Climate Change: 0
Mentions of Romney’s Plan to Continue Oil Subsidies: 0
Mentions of Oil and Gas Interests Donating More Than $2,600,000 to His Campaign: 0
Mentions of Koch Brothers Pledging to Spend $200,000,000+ to Elect Him: 0
The numbers pretty much speak for themselves, but I'll add this: Any 21st century "energy plan" that fails to address climate change, much less mention it even once, is delusional.

Mitt Romney's Oily Energy Plan, by the Numbers
The GOP presidential candidate would to put the kibosh on clean energy and let the oil flow.

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