Mitt Drops by Solyndra

The conservative press has worked wonders with Solyndra. Miracles, even. The fact that we're still talking about the bankruptcy of a solar panel company a year after it went belly up is crazy. Especially after the interminable investigations led by Republicans have turned up absolutely no wrongdoing. By the admission of Republicans.

But the story was just too good. A failed "green" company that also happened to be the beneficiary of Obama's "out of control spending." So it went on repeat. Fox pushed it hard, the Tea Party-infused GOP freshmen class dove in. Play it again, Rush.

So now we have Mitt Romney dropping by the old Solyndra building for a photo op, to yet again pointlessly denounce Obama's backing of the solar company.

Here's the Hill:

Mitt Romney made a surprise campaign stop Thursday at Solyndra, the solar company that filed for bankruptcy last year after receiving more than $500 million in federal loan guarantees from the Energy Department.

Flanked by a large "For Sale" sign outside the factory that once housed the solar panel manufacturer, Romney derided the plant as a "symbol of gross waste."

I'm honestly curious about how much this deeply manufactured narrative resonates with voters. Does anyone really care about Solyndra anymore besides Tea Party hardliners? Don't folks think it's a little overboard to drag this—at worst a gamble that didn't pay off—out of the closet?

Mitt Drops by Solyndra
The presidential candidate drops by the failed solar company to pointlessly beat a dead horse. Does anyone still care?

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