Military report critiques US energy production, lack of climate action

President Obama Visits Berlin
© Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images

The U.S. Center for Naval Analyses and the London-based Royal United Services Institute published a report this month that recommends "putting more effort into fighting global warming than securing reliable supplies of fossil fuels," reports John H. Cushman at InsideClimate News.

With President Obama making his historic speech on climate change yesterday, it is possible this military report will largely be overlooked, but their findings on the ineffective focus on domestic oil and gas production is not to be missed:

Despite the steady supplies provided by the current U.S. drilling boom, "the increased domestic production of oil and natural gas is not a panacea for the country's energy security dilemma," they say.

And in blunt language, they criticize American policymakers and legislators for refusing to accept the "robust" scientific evidence that emissions of carbon dioxide are already causing harmful global warming, and for refusing to take actions that, if taken swiftly, could ward off its worst effects.

These are lessons even President Obama should heed, since even while discussing the crisis of global climate change, he continued to proudly mention the increased amount of natural gas being burned in the US, as if this energy is not also greatly contributing to this crisis, as well.

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