Mark Ruffalo Shows Colbert A Few Things About Fracking

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Last year I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with actor, activist and father Mark Ruffalo as we joined with 14,000 others to surround the White House in protest over the Keystone XL pipeline. Mark is a passionate advocate for a sane energy policy--a clean energy future that doesn't include increased reliance on natural gas. Why? Because one common method to extract natural gas, known as fracking, has been linked to earthquakes and water contamination--and the industry refuses to come clean about what chemicals they are pumping into the ground.

The industry is trying to sell natural gas as a bridge fuel between our current system and a future that runs on renewable energy. But their snow job has been exposed by people like Ruffalo, who have stood up to say that we need a moratorium on fracking until we understand what the consequences of increase exploration really are.

In the video below Stephen Colbert plays the perfect contrarian to Mark's idealism. I hope you enjoy it. You can also find out more about Mark's advocacy organization, Water Defense, at

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Mark Ruffalo
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You can follow Mark on Twitter at @Mruff221.

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