Major Victory for Solar: UK FiT Subsidy Cuts Declared Illegal


When we hosted a live chat with Solarcentury's Jeremy Leggett, he told us that the fossil fuel industries were actively trying to chop the legs off solar power. Not long afterwards came news that the UK solar industry was on the ropes battling dramatic and hasty government cuts to subsidies.

But the nature of those cuts has been called into question, with the solar industry being granted an urgent High Court hearing and the results are now in. The Guardian reports that the Feed-In Tariff cuts, or the nature in which they were introduced, has been deemed illegal:

Many thousands of individuals, farmers, councils and community groups had applied to instal solar PV to take advantage of the generous subsidy which had been set deliberately high by the energy secretary, Chris Huhne to encourage people to invest. But the government announced in October that it would cut the subsidy with effect from 12 December. This was 11 days before the consultation ended.

The judge's decision was hailed as a major victory by green campaigners and the solar industry...

Exactly what this decision means going forward remains unclear, but the industry is hoping that the Government will now work on more manageable, predictable and stable plans for a long term reduction in Feed-In Tariffs.

Major Victory for Solar: UK FiT Subsidy Cuts Declared Illegal
The High Court rules that hasty Government cuts to solar subsidies breached the law. Could this mean a reprieve for the UK solar industry?

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