Los Angeles Readies Feed-In Tariff Program - Just Needs Mayor's Signature

los angeles from the air photoRon Reiring/CC BY 2.0

The Los Angeles City Council apparently isn't waiting for either the state or the Feds to enact a feed-in tariff for renewable energy—the backbone of successful renewable energy promotion in many nations, widely cited as being the most efficient method of giving deployment of clean energy a boost.

Renewable Energy World reports that the program will begin in a 10 MW pilot phase, expanding to 75 MW by 2016, and possibly expanding to 150 MW at a later point, depending on interest.

Individual projects are eligible for participation if they are under 3 MW in size. The rates project owners will be paid, always above-market rate in such a program (that's the point...), have yet to be determined, but by regulation will not be higher than $0.30/kWh. It's expected that the average price will be in the $0.18/kWh range.

The Mayor needs to approve the program by April 13th for it to take effect.

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