Lincoln Center Now 100% Wind Powered

You can feel even better about attending cultural events at New York City's Lincoln Center (if you can get past that the NYC Ballet home is the Koch theater...): Lincoln Center has become the first performing arts center in the city to be entirely run on wind power.

100% of Lincoln Center's 21.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity used each year are now supplied via RECs purchased from Green Mountain Energy Company. Also included in the transformation is Juilliard, which in the past was partially powered from renewable energy, but this is also 100% wind power.

Lincoln Center touts the wind power purchase as being the equivalent of avoiding 50,500 tons of CO2 emissions—or recycling 170 million Playbills rather than putting them into the landfill, or not taking 41 million taxi rides.

Not so sure the Playbill recycling reference would withstand close scrutiny, and the 41 million taxi rides is a bit ambiguous, but all in all switching to 100% renewable power is altogether a great thing, perhaps the easiest way for either businesses or individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. So, (pardon me...), encore!

Lincoln Center Now 100% Wind Powered
The purchase of renewable energy credits means the avoidance of over 50,000 tons of CO2 each year.

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