Karl Rove's 'EPA Farm Dust' Attack Ad Pulled Off the Air for Being Untrue

farm dust epaYouTube/Screen capture

A little while back, I wrote about yet another GOP effort to paint the EPA as an overreaching boogeyman. The EPA, Republicans claimed, was getting so out of control that it wanted to regulate "farm dust". As in, they wanted to go in and tell small farmers how much dust their equipment could stir up. This was such an outrageous example of Big Government messing with people's lives that they could bear to stand by and let it happen -- so they proposed legislation that would ban the EPA from embarking on its mad farm dust regulatory scheme.

Of course, the EPA never had any plans to regulate farm dust in the first place. There was never any proposed rule or regulation that would do anything of the sort. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson repeatedly explained that the 'farm dust' rule was a myth. But the GOP liked the myth so much that they went on repeating it anyways.

Most recently, Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS group funded an ad spot attacking the Democratic Montana Senator Joe Tester. And it criticized him for being in favor of -- you guessed it -- farm dust. Watch:

Yeah, that never happened. The vote cited in the ad is actually legislation referring to currency manipulation abroad -- it had nothing to do with farm dust, real or imagined. Apparently, this was such an egregious lie that the cable company running it decided to up and pull the ad off the airwaves. Which rarely, rarely happens -- as evidenced by the prevalence of lie-filled political ads that do make it on the airwaves.

Karl Rove's 'EPA Farm Dust' Attack Ad Pulled Off the Air for Being Untrue
The GOP has manufactured a myth that the EPA is bent on regulating farm dust. Are people catching on?

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