Stop the Frack Attack: Join Us July 28 in Washington DC

While many people may think Pennsylvania and New York are the main targets of the natural gas industry, North Carolina and Colorado residents know different.

The North Carolina Sierra Club has been fighting a bill that would legalize natural gas fracking in the state, but unfortunately lost in a vote Monday night despite studies showing extra risk from fracking in the state.

Residents will continue their push to stop the industry from harming public health and the environment. North Carolinians want to find solutions to their energy needs and make sure they protect the air and water along the way.

Meanwhile, in Colorado the industry is running amok. "We are alarmed that state and local governments continue to allow heavy industrial activities as close as 350 feet to occupied residences," wrote Josh Ruschhaupt, director of the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter, in a recent Denver Post OpEd.

Joshua and his colleagues took to the pages of the Post to bring attention to the many spills caused by the oil and gas industry in Colorado. "The Colorado School of Public Health states that people living within a half-mile radius from active oil and gas production suffer a greater risk for health complications and illness," he wrote.

Americans nationwide are tired of the natural gas industry exploiting loopholes to pad their profits at the expense of our health and environment. The natural gas industry continues to be exempt from important public health protections such as the Safe Drinking Water Act, even as they expand their drilling, commonly called fracking, in states all across the country.

That's why thousands of us are headed to Washington, DC, on Saturday, July 28 for the "Stop the Frack Attack" rally. The Sierra Club is joining with dozens of other organizations in a coalition to move our country towards a more sustainable future where drilling for natural gas does not threaten our air and water.

We need to share our concerns about fracking with President Obama, Congress, and the Environmental Protection Agency to stop the frack attack. If drillers can't extract natural gas without destroying landscapes and endangering the health of families, then we should not drill for natural gas.

Join us in Washington, DC, on July 28.

Stop the Frack Attack: Join Us July 28 in Washington DC
Come to Washington, DC, on July 28 for the huge "Stop the Frack Attack" Rally.

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