It's Official: Brits Want More Wind Turbines, More Solar, More Subsidies

ecotricity renewable wind turbine photo

With the UK Government scaling back solar subsidies and a vocal anti-wind lobby, you might be forgiven for thinking that renewables face an uphill battle in Britain. But Business Green reports that a new survey in the Sunday Times (not your typical left-leaning hippy paper) suggests that Brits are overwhelmingly in favor of strong Government action for clean energy:

The environmental movement might have taken a bit of a battering in recent months from opinion polls suggesting climate change and environmental issues are falling down the public's list of priorities, but according to a new survey a clear majority still support the rollout of renewable energy technologies. Despite a high-profile media campaign criticising wind farms and attacking the cost of renewable energy technologies, 56 per cent of people want to see more wind energy capacity in the UK and 74 per cent think solar energy capacity should be increased.

Heck, even the Confederation of British Industry wants solid environmental regulation.

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