Energy News: India's Wind Power Potential At Least 20x Greater Than Thought; Germany May Have To Ban New Solar PV

A mix bag today, highlighting the importance of electricity grids in expanding renewable energy, the global expansion of fracking, a wolf in sheep's clothing CCS project, and some massively good news for Indian wind power.

Grid Issues May Lead to German Ban on New Solar
"Uncontrolled growth of additional photovoltaic plants" in Germany may lead to electric grid problems that force a ban on new installations, PV Magazine reports. Retrofitting the grid to allow for continued robust expansion of solar PV won't cost an exorbitant amount of money though, the Federal Solar Industry Association says, and will allow for 70GW of solar by 2020.

Shell Signs Shale Gas Deal With China's State-Run Oil Co.
BBC News reports that Shell has signed its first ever contract with China National Petroleum Corp for production sharing of shale gas—that is, fracking. Shell will be sharing "advanced technology, operational expertise and global experience."

Proposed UK Coal Plant Will Capture 90% of Its Emissions
A proposed new coal power plant near Edinburgh, developed by the US's Summit Power Group, will capture at least 90% of its emissions, The Guardian reports—which is the good news (if more coal can ever really be called good news). The less good news is that the captured CO2 is planned to be used to get more oil out of North Sea reserves though enhanced oil recovery, thereby in essence negating a portion of the emissions savings by simply displacing where the emissions come from after that additional oil is burned.

India Has "Far Higher" Wind Power Potential Than Thought
A new assessment of India's wind power potential by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found that India has 20-30 times greater available resources that previously thought. Currently, the government of India estimates that the nation has a 102 GW wind power potential. Under that lower potential India could meet just 5% of its projected electricity demand by 2032, but the revised figures show that India could have 2000-3110 GW of wind power installed. Read more.

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