If US Followed Germany's Lead on Solar, We'd Create 2.5 MIllion Jobs: Bill Clinton on the Daily Show (Video)

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Bill Clinton has become one of the most outspoken proponents for the clean energy economy in recent years, and for good reason. The renewable energy sector, as you know, is one of the few to have added jobs even throughout the recession, and it promises to be one of the primary engines of growth in coming years as well. Both times I've spoken with Clinton, he's acknowledged as much, and took pains to emphasize the need to enact good policies that encourage the further development of the domestic clean energy industry.

The night before last, the former president dropped by the Daily Show to talk about his new book, "Back to Work", which includes the above endorsements for policies that create clean jobs. In the video below, he hits on the importance of continuing to develop a market for solar power, much like Germany did with its feed-in tariff system and government-wide support for the industry.

"We were by passed in the last decade by Germany in the production and deployment of solar cells," Clinton said. "The sun as much on average in germany as it does on london."

Point being, deploying solar would go much further in the U.S. than it does in sunshine-shy Germany.

Clinton continues: "Deutsche bank -- not Greenpeace, Deutsche Bank -- did a study saying that even if you account for the subsidies the german government and the german people pay, to get that solar, they still netted 300,00 jobs. So we're 4 times as big and twice as capable, so you do the math. That's two and half million jobs if we do what they did. We have got to be competitive in these areas. And I don't mind giving people tax credits but it ought to be to generate jobs and opportunities in America."

Watch the clip below; the solar talk starts at 3:48. (Via Climate Progress)

If US Followed Germany's Lead on Solar, We'd Create 2.5 MIllion Jobs: Bill Clinton on the Daily Show (Video)
The former president chats with Jon Stewart about how we can create millions of green jobs with smart, simple policies.