High Court Grants Urgent Hearing on UK Solar Feed-In Tariff Cuts


The UK's solar industry has been on the ropes fighting hasty and deep Government cuts to the feed-in tariff scheme, but it's not all bad news. Only yesterday came news that Brits overwhelmingly want more wind, more solar, and more Government support for clean tech. And now Solarcentury—whose founder Jeremy Leggett has been very explicit about the fossil fuel lobby's attempts to derail solar—has announced that they, along with fellow solar company HomeSun and Friends of the Earth, have been granted a hearing for a High Court challenge to the subsidy cuts.

John Faulks of Solarcentury reiterated that the challenge is not about whether to cut subsidies, but rather the nature, speed and depth of the cuts that are happening:

"The industry was expecting a cut in tariff and would have actively engaged with DECC to create a sustainable scheme including accepting significant but workable cuts. A cut of over 50% that occurred in just six weeks and before the end of a consultation period is irrational. Win or lose on Tuesday next week the industry still has to sort out the chaos DECC have already caused. They seem to have learned nothing from Spain, France or Germany about how to develop a viable renewable energy industry for the future benefit of the country."

as shown in this brilliant solar parody, Prime Minister David Cameron has previously been a vocal supporter of reliable, long-term support for the solar industry. So it's little wonder that solar industry insiders are feeling angry and confused by the sudden u-turn in Government policy.

High Court Grants Urgent Hearing on UK Solar Feed-In Tariff Cuts
Most Brits want support for clean energy, but the Government is slashing subsidies fast. Now key solar players have been granted a High Court hearing. This could get interesting.

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