Government Cuts to Solar Subsidies Are Confirmed Illegal


The UK solar industry has been battling hasty Government cuts to feed-in tariffs. Those cuts were declared illegal in a high-court ruling a few weeks back, but the Government appealed. Now The Guardian reports that the appeal has been rejected, confirming that cuts will follow the schedule originally planned. Jeremy Leggett of Solarcentury is celebrating:

"A historic judgement has been made today, one that should be welcomed by the entire renewable energy industry. Renewables can only play the pivotal role necessary to deliver a new green economy, if we have a stable market and investor confidence backed by lawful, predictable and carefully considered policy. Today we have reminded Government that it will be held to account when it acts illegally and tries to push through unlawful policy changes."

Once again, the issue here is not whether government subsidies should be cut, but rather how it is done. Predictability is as important as the actual level of support, if businesses are going to plan for the future.

Government Cuts to Solar Subsidies Are Confirmed Illegal
The solar industry in the UK celebrates a "good day for business" as hasty government cuts are declared illegal.

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