Fight Fracking via Video, Win Lunch With Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon

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Want to help in the fight against fracking and have some video skills? Well Artists Against Fracking has launched a video contest, with the prize being your work being used in a television ad campaign, as well as lunch with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, who will be judging the contest.

Here are the details:

New York’s Gov. Cuomo recently delayed until February a decision on whether to allow fracking for gas in the state. To help inform the Governor and the public, Artists Against Fracking announces the #DontFrackNY video contest. Help us make the case in the most compelling and moving way.  
We’re looking for two types of videos: a 30-second TV ad and a short video. The 30-second TV ad should be directed at the Governor. The short video should focus on educating people about the hazards of fracking and gas company propaganda and be no more than three minutes long.

Aside from the length limits, we aren’t putting any restrictions on your video submissions. You may enter work in either one or both categories. Show us your creativity!

All videos should be submitted by January 20.

Entry form, submission guidelines and more: #DontFrackNY Video Contest

Fight Fracking via Video, Win Lunch With Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon
Have some video skills and want to join in the fight against fracking in New York? Here's a contest for you.

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