Energy News: US Wind Power Passes 50 GW, China's Solar Power Industry on Life Support, More

Record Wind Turbine Installation Threatened by Federal Policy
US wind power developers, fearing the expiration of the wind power production tax credit, a policy favored by Mitt Romney and opposed by Barack Obama, appear to be racing to install turbines. Reuters writes that the US passed 50 GW of wind power in August, with 4.728 GW installed so far in 2012, with a further 8.43 GW under construction—a record for this time of year, according to the American Wind Energy Association.

China Makes Too Many Solar Panels, Threatening Domestic Industry
Financial Times tells us that a senior Chinese energy official has described its domestic solar power industry as being like "a patient on life support." The issue: Over-supply of panels, resulting from the continued global economic slowdown, has meant panel prices falling 30% last year. Good news for buyers, bad news for manufacturers. The official predicts strong consolidation in the Chinese solar power industry as a result.

India Gets First Solar Power Net Metering Program
The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has unveiled new solar power plans, targeting 3 GW worth of installations in the next three years, along with a new net metering program, the first in the country. PV Magazine reports that the program is strongly tilted toward utility-scale installations, rather than rooftop installations.

Pro-Fracking Faction Astroturfs Albany, NY Rally
Truthout tells us how a recent pro-fracking gathering in Albany, New York saw about 1,000 supposedly grassroots supporters of hydraulic fracturing—apparently all bussed in from around the state, paid for by oil and gas industry front group Energy in Depth, via its offshoot Landowner Advocates of New York.

Energy News: US Wind Power Passes 50 GW, China's Solar Power Industry on Life Support, More
Plus: India gets it's first net metering system; pro-fracking groups astroturf rally in Albany, New York

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