EIA Budget Cuts Mean Our Energy Mess Just Got Messier

EIA website image

Much of the focus on US government budget cuts and the environment have been on the EPA and NOAA. Now the Energy Information Agency has announced how much less they'll be able to do after having their funding cut 14% compared to last year. None of it bodes well for having accurate information on US energy reserves and the state of US energy usage more broadly. It's a pretty extensive list of cuts, so check out the EIA press release for more details. As for comment, The Oil Drum sums it up pretty well:

So, here we are in a mess. Generally when you're in a mess it is a good idea to understand what the mess looks like, so that you can work out how to get out of it. ... At some point in the future, perhaps even that soon, politicians and Administrators are going to complain "but nobody told us!!" and rush to blame the industry yet again. But the truth is, there was a group that was keeping the records, and who could tell those with the responsibility to fix it that there was a problem. And the Administration just closed it down. We will regret that lack of information and the warning messages that it would have brought.

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