Denmark Ranked Best Place For Cleantech Innovation - United States In Fifth

denmark wind turbines photoNathan Siemers/CC BY-SA 2.0

WWF and Cleantech Group have just released their rankings of the top places for cleantech innovation in the world, examining 38 nations on 15 different factors related to cleantech start-ups.

Topping the list is Denmark, which leads in cleantech innovation drivers and evidence of commercialized cleantech innovation, as well as scoring highly in fostering emerging cleantech companies.

Rounding out the top five are Israel and Sweden (tied for second), Finland, and the United States.

The report notes:

Each country showed different strengths. Israel excels in the factor "evidence of emerging cleantech innovation"...Finland takes fourth place overall by coming second in both "inputs to innovation" factors as well as scoring well for emerging cleantech companies. Sweden and the USA show a common pattern, scoring well on "evidence of emerging cleantech companies" and "general innovation drivers". Sweden edged out the USA by scoring stronger (on a relative basis) on the "evidence of commercialized cleantech innovation" factor, mainly due to is relatively strong deployment of renewable energy.

Interestingly, considering how much renewable energy deployment and manufacturing have expanded there, India and China do not make the top 10 in these rankings—India takes the 12th position and China the 13th.

The report notes:

They are already strong centers for the production of cleantech products and have increasingly supportive governments, large sums of private money ready to be invested, and massive domestic markets. Signs suggest that in the near future these countries have many of the favorable ingredients to be not only manufacturing cleantech products, but founding, and being home to, more and more of the next generation of innovative cleantech companies.

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