DC Considers Community "Solar Gardens" and Shared Solar Arrays

Mat already reported how community solar gardens in Colorado are allowing condo owners, renters and those without suitable roof space to invest in solar power on someone else's property and still reap the rewards on their own energy bills. California has also been looking at encouraging solar investment on other people's land.

Now NBC Washington reports that legislators in DC are also considering rules that would allow two or more owners to share electricity created by one solar system:

Pastor Peter Spann is proud of all the things that go on under the roof of Promised Land Baptist Church in Takoma, D.C. From weddings to baby dedications, food donations to financial planning, Spann says the church is all about opening its doors to people. Still, the roof itself poses a problem. Spann wants to go solar, but the church can't support the panels. "The pitch of the roof is oriented east/west, and most of the sun comes from the south," says Erin Alexander, who works for Kenergy Solar. "And it's an old roof, so you'd have to redo the roof completely."

But the recreation center across the street has a roof that's perfectly suited for solar panels. Now Spann's hoping a new bill will allow him to generate solar power there. Earlier this week, Ward 7 council member Yvette Alexander introduced the Community Renewables Energy Act of 2012, which would allow two or more individuals to share the electricity produced by a single system.

Head over to NBC Washington for the full scoop on DC's community solar legislation.

DC Considers Community "Solar Gardens" and Shared Solar Arrays
Live in a condo but want to go solar? New legislation in DC aims to make sharing solar arrays a real possibility.

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