Canadian Government Goes Bananas Over Chiquita's Pledge To Avoid Tar Sands Oil

chiquita gunEthical Oil/Screen capture

Yesterday Sami reported on how Chiquita Bananas Joins Other Major Brands, Pledges to Avoid Oil from Tar Sands. The Canadian government didn't like this at all; according to the Star,

Several high-profile government MPs, including Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose, have urged Canadians not to buy bananas distributed by Chiquita Brands International after the Ohio-based company said it would avoid using fuel for its trucks derived from Alberta’s oilsands.

And now the pro-oilsands group is taking the fight to the airwaves with the launch of a new radio ad this week urging consumers to stop buying bananas or premade salads from Chiquita, a company the group calls a “foreign bully.”

Ethical Oil has set up a whole website devoted to convincing Canadians to say no to Chiquita Interestingly, the Star points out that the founder of is a certain Alykhan Velshi, who was the former communications director for Immigration Minister Kenney and is now working in the Prime Minister's office. Ethical Oil might as well be run out of the PMO. We know that promoting the tar sands is government policy; now, it even organizes banana boycotts. Soon, MPs will have to stop wearing Gap khakis. Where will it end?

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