Brilliant Solar Industry Parody Calls BS on "Greenest Government Ever" (Video)

David Cameron Solar Parody photoOur Solar Future/Video screen capture

Among the cleverest strategic moves made by the anti-Keystone XL pipeline campaign was the use of President Obama's own words regarding the "tyranny of oil".

Effective Strategy
The UK solar industry seems to be taking a leaf out of the same play book, as it fights imminent and drastic cuts to the solar feed-in tariffs that have helped create a mini-boom in clean energy industries, and now look set to devastate those same companies through overly harsh, overly speedy austerity measures.

Using the Prime Minister's own speech about the necessity of feed-in tariffs given 3 years ago, the video dubs these words over lip-synching employees of the emerging solar industry. The message is clear—David Cameron has argued forcefully for feed-in tariffs and supporting a UK-based clean energy economy, and he is now going back on his word.

Manageable Cuts Welcome
At issue is not whether subsidies should be cut. Given the ferocious cost reductions in solar power, even solar industry insiders have called for considerable cuts—but as Germany's recent announcement of a 15% cut in feed-in tariffs shows, subsidies can be scaled back over time in a manageable, timely yet consistent manner—encouraging self-sufficiency without pulling the rug out from under the industry's feet.

The Free Market is a Myth
And lest anyone feel tempted to parrot the same-old-same-old about the free market economy, let's not forget that no energy industry has thrived without considerable State support to get it going. Even conservative economists argue that coal is actively undermining our economy. And the true cost of gasoline is unimaginable.

David Cameron used to get that. Let's hope this acts as a useful reminder.

Brilliant Solar Industry Parody Calls BS on "Greenest Government Ever" (Video)
A cutting campaign video from the UK solar industry uses Prime Minister Cameron's own words to make the case for supporting clean energy.

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