Bizarre Taiwan News Animation Mocks Canada's Pullout of Kyoto (Video)

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Remember that crazy Taiwanese 'news' clip that featured a bizarre CGI animation of the Tiger Woods debacle; the one involving the alleged car crash, his wife, and golf clubs? If you spend more than 10 minutes on the internet a day, then of course you do!

The now-infamous animation team in Taiwan has taken to humorously depicting a wide range of the day's news stories. And instead of reining in the camp, they're embracing it (they seem to have a pretty keen sense of why everyone gets such a kick out of their videos). Most recently, they sent up Canada's decision to cancel its 14-year membership as a signatory to the Kyoto Accord. And yes, it's weird, over-the-top, and funny.

If Mat McDermott's in-depth analysis of Canada's move was just too analysis-y for your tastes, this should do the trick (via Grist):

Yes, that's a bunch Canadian execs and politicians dumping money on their own heads out of an oil barrel. And yes, that's prime minister Stephen Harper quite literally flipping the bird at Chinese president Hu Jintao--as well as spewing Exorcist-caliber bile in an environmentalist's face and preparing to club polar bears with his bear hands.

Like I said: bizarre. But kind of hilarious.

Bizarre Taiwan News Animation Mocks Canada's Pullout of Kyoto (Video)
Taiwanese animators mock prime minister Harper and paint Canada as a nation of oil-hungry tycoons willing to sell out the rest of the world for sweet tar sands oil. Watch:

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