Big news: Canada to virtually phase out coal by 2030

alberta coal mining photo
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Goodness me. Climate news is a roller coaster ride these days.

Just as much of the world languishes in uncertainty over the future of a low carbon transition, the Globe and Mail reports that Canada steps up and announces an almost complete phase out of coal for electricity by 2030 at the latest. And this comes just a week after the UK confirmed its coal phase out plans, and France does too.

True, the Canadian plan doesn't actually amount to a complete phase out. Provinces still heavily reliant on coal would be allowed some flexibility if similar emissions reductions can be achieved elsewhere, or if they get serious about Carbon Capture and Storage. Still, this is not a good sign for the coal industry. And given the fact that there are already serious question marks about the viability of President Elect Trump's promises to put coal miners back to work, such an unequivocal market signal from our neighbor to the North should give coal boosters even more pause for thought.

At some point, the world moves on from outdated technologies. And when it does, those who would slow our progress are eventually forced to move on too. They just cede the leadership position to nations who better understand, or are more willing to accept, which way the world is moving.

Big news: Canada to virtually phase out coal by 2030
This is a major boost to the international climate movement, just as it needs it the most.

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