20,000 Gather to Protest "Chernobyl on Wheels" Nuclear Shipment in Germany

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Germany along the route of a train carrying 123 tons of radioactive waste, which will be stored in the country.

Estimates of the number of protesters range from 20,000 to 40,000. Most were peaceful, though some protesters sabotaged railroad tracks; around 700 staged sit-ins on the tracks. At least 20 police were injured by protesters throwing rocks and fireworks.

Greenpeace executive director Kumi Naidoo called the shipment "Chernobyl on Wheels." It is on its way to a storage site in Gerloben. Some 20,000 police officers are in the region to make sure the train reaches its destination, though protests have caused numerous delays.

Called the Castor shipment, the train has already been waylaid by protests in Valognes, France, soon after it left a nuclear power plant where the waste had been treated.

The train was also delayed at the French-German border, where protesters chained themselves to tracks. Neither of those actions was comparable in size to today's.

Footage from the AP shows protesters chanting and being carried off tracks:

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