Algeria Aims For 40% Renewable Energy By 2030 - Invests $20b In Clean Energy

Algeria, one of the world's major natural gas producers, is making a commitment to renewable energy that should be the envy of any nation. As Green Prophet reports, Algeria has announced that it will be investing some $20 billion into domestic renewable energy projects, on its way to a goal of 40% of the nation's electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030.

Impressively, that level of investment means roughly 57% of Algeria's total investment in new electrical generation capacity over the next decade will be dedicated to renewable energy.

Nations Across North Africa Moving Away From Fossil Fuels
Green Prophet makes a good connection, placing the Algerian investment in the greater context of North African renewable energy development, including the much touted Desertec plan for building massive solar power plants in the Sahara desert:
Egypt now leads all the MENA nations in attractiveness for renewable energy investment through the EU’s Clean Development Mechanism and Morocco – which already has a grid linked up to Europe – has become a key Desertec investment point since announcing its plans to provide 42% of its own electricity from solar, which is by far the most ambitious plan in the world. What’s more, as a kingdom, there is no opposition party to sabotage renewable energy as the Republican party does in the US.

Algeria Aims For 40% Renewable Energy By 2030 - Invests $20b In Clean Energy
Over half of new electrical generation capacity in Algeria over the next decade will comes from renewable sources.

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