24 Hour 'Twitter Storm' Against Fossil Fuel Subsidies Happening June 18

TreeHugger has covered the massive corporate hand-outs the fossil fuel industry receives from government, even though it's as immensely profitable as it is environmentally damaging, many times. So, I'll assume you're on board with the need to end them ASAP.

Now, it'll soon be time to tell politicians, via Twitter, that they need to get will the people and not the polluters.

Here's what's going on, as explained by 350.org:
Campaigning organizations from around the world will join forces on June 18 for a 24-hour ‘Twitter storm’ in which tens of thousands of messages will be posted on the social networking site demanding that world leaders use Rio+20 to agree to end fossil fuel subsidies.

The 24 hour clock will start at 6PM UTC in Sydney, when activists will begin to flock to Twitter with messages that will also be projected in iconic spots in Sydney, New Delhi, London, Rio, and other locations. In recent weeks campaigning groups have collected over 1 million signatures demanding that leaders act now to end subsidies and start to invest in clean energy solutions.

According to figures compiled by Oil Change International, countries together are spending as much as $1 trillion dollars annually on fossil fuel subsidies. The International Energy Agency estimates that by cutting these subsidies, the world can cut global warming causing emissions in half and significantly contribute to preventing a 2 degree temperature rise, the number most scientists say we need to stay under to prevent runaway climate change.

If you're itching to do some petition signing right now: End Fossil Fuel Subsidies, and check out how your representative (in the US) stands on ending subsidies: End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Scorecard.

There's also more info on the Facebook event page: Twitter Storm: #EndFossilFuelSubsidies

24 Hour 'Twitter Storm' Against Fossil Fuel Subsidies Happening June 18
We need to end fossil fuel subsidies as soon as possible. Here's one small way you can help.

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