Energy Efficient Vacuum From Siemens Sucks 50% Better

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It's pretty. It's tiny. And it uses 50% less energy than similar vacuums. It's the Siemens Z6.0 canister vacuum. Ok, ok. A new vacuum isn't the most exciting news. But when the average vacuum cleaner uses 1500 watts (that's roughly the energy consumption of an electric oven turned up to 350 degrees, or an electric space heater turned up to high), getting one to use half the energy is a great improvement on a common household item. Z6.0 Power and the Z6.0 Eco models from Siemens were designed to use efficient air flow with a newly engineered aircraft turbine-style engine. However, it's the Eco model that really saves the energy. The Power model uses 2,500 watts, while the Eco model uses just 1,200 watts but performs as well as 2,400 watt similar models thanks to an energy efficient compressor. It isn't bagless, though, which is disappointing since that creates more waste.

We aren't yet sure when it'll be released in the US, but keep your eye on it if you'll soon be in the market for a new vacuum.

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