Retrofit Project Pits Behavior Change Against Technology, Wins Award for Doing It

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When I reported on an experimental zero carbon housing scheme the other week, I was pleased to note that it was tackling behavior, as well as just installing fancy new technology. But it's not the only project of its kind. I posted before on how the Sutton Retrofit Initiative was transforming 3 different social housing properties applying the very latest, most-expensive retrofit measures to one (the One Planet House); some simpler,cheaper efficiency improvements for the second; and just energy efficiency advice from a green coach for the residents of the 3rd. (All 3 households receive the efficiency advice.) That project is now well underway, and the One Planet House has just won a major award for its innovations:

At last week’s Sustainable Housing awards held in London, BioRegional and partners’ One Planet House retrofit project won ‘sustainable smaller housing retrofit project of the year’. The project takes a unique approach to retrofitting social housing by looking at the hardware of the house across all aspects of sustainability as well as carrying out a behaviour change programme with the residents. The project is aiming for an 80 per cent reduction in energy use with only 50 per cent of the embodied energy of a standard retrofit.

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