This looks like a fluorescent tube, but it's actually a 41% more efficient LED lamp

Philips InstantFit LED lamp tube photo
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We could save the energy equivalent of 210 power plants

We've talked a lot about how energy-efficient lighting, which mostly means LEDs now, is an easy way to reduce your electricity use. The same applies for the commercial sector. For a long time, they've been doing better than the residential sector because they dropped incandescents and adopted fluorescents a long time ago. But lighting all those stores, office towers and factories still requires vast quantities of power. What if we could replace those zillions of fluorescent tubes with something that is both safer and more energy-efficient?

That's what Philips wants to do with the InstantFit LED lamp pictured above. It looks just like a regular T8 fluorescent tube, and in fact it can be installed in existing neon sockets in seconds without any modifications, but it has many advantages over the old technology:

-Only rated at 14.5W, which is about 41% less electricity than comparable T8s ("up to 50% more efficient", depending on what you compare it to).
-No mercury in the lamps, non-hazardous disposal.
-The average supermarket can switch all its lights in 4 days instead of 4 weeks (to retrofit for LEDs that don't fit in regular T8 sockets).
-The tubes are glass-free, which is safer for workers.
-Instant on, no flicker or buzz.
-Full light output in spaces with temperatures down to -22˚F (-30˚C)

Philips InstantFit LED lamp tube photo© Philips

Seems like nothing, but it's kind of world-changing

So while this might seem like just a small thing, the fact that there are 12 billion of these fluorescent sockets in the world, with more being added all the time, means that there are pretty huge savings to be made by switching to this kind of more efficient and safer LED technology.

Philips estimates that if all 12 billion of these lights were changed, savings in energy and maintenance costs would be $57 billion (€42 billion), or the energy equivalent 210 medium sized power plants.

That's the killer app. Just replacing the lamp, no need to rewire anything, change the fixture, etc.

Philips InstantFit LED lamp tube photo© Philips

By the way, kudos to those who got the Magritte reference!

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This looks like a fluorescent tube, but it's actually a 41% more efficient LED lamp
There are about 12 billion commercial fluorescent sockets in the world. If they were switched to this, it would be the equivalent of taking out 210 power plants.

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