How to make your iPhone's battery last longer with iOS 7

iOS 7 save battery
CC BY 2.0 Margaret Badore

You don't have to buy the hype that iOS 7 is going to kill your iPhone's battery (read: people complaining on Twitter), to want to know how to optimize your settings for maximum energy use. Here are some super easy features you may want to turn off for better battery performance.

Background App Updates

This function installs updates automatically, downloading new versions in the background. If you hate manually updating apps then leave this on. But if you want to save some battery, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and turn off "Updates." (See the screen capture on the left.)

Background App Refresh

Doesn't it sound like you just did this? This feature lets apps update their content while you do other things on your phone. While you might want your maps app to do this, it may be less important for something like a weather app. Happily, you can turn off app refresh selectively or altogether by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. (See screen capture on the right.)

Disable Parallax

Have you noticed that if you tip your device back and fourth, the wall paper seems like it's moving? I didn't until Chris Gayomali at The Week wrote about it. If this doesn't matter to you, turn off Parallax by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > and flick Reduce Motion to green. Gayomali has more great battery saving tips here.

How to make your iPhone's battery last longer with iOS 7
A few tricks to slow battery drain.

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