Beat the heat: EPA's infographic is a good place to start

Public Domain beat-heat

There are a few things to like about this infographic put out by the EPA's Energy Star program. For one thing, it has a whole section on climate change instead of the usual single-minded fixation on saving energy. It even actually says "climate change is real".

While their five energy-saving tips are pretty basic, they are not trivial. Recommendation 3, "seal your heating and cooling ducts", is surprisingly important, given that many people have their air conditioning ducts running through their very hot attics and are wasting serious money by cooling it instead of the space below.

I do wish they hadn't stopped at 5, there is so much more that they could tell people to do, and the website they suggest doesn't have a whole lot more. But it is a start. See related links to the left for some other suggestions.

cool waysEnergy Star/Public Domain

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