Alex Laskey shows how behavioral science can lower your energy bill (video)

Alex Laskey energy
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As we've been saying for a long time, the best kind of watt is the negawatt. It's necessary to replace dirty sources of power with clean ones, like wind and solar, but that'll be much easier to do if we use less power in the first place. We can do that with more efficient appliances and better designed buildings and such, but we can also do a lot with simple behavioral science. Most people want to reduce their energy bills and help fight climate change in the abstract, but in practice they often need a little extra motivational push.

That's where Alex Laskey comes in! Check out this great (and short) TED talk:

Alex Laskey energyTED/Screen capture

Lawrence Livermore energy chart 2012LLNL/Public Domain

To see a bigger version of the graph above, click here.


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