Where were you ten years ago during the blackout?

CC BY 2.0 wp/ part of North America blacked out in 2003

This is one of those New-York-is-the-center-of-the-universe stories (or if you are Canadian, all about Toronto); we know that the blackout only affected the Northeast and Ontario. But for those who went through it, it was an experience. What were you doing and what happened to you?

Lloyd Alter writes: I was in a little pocket of Ontario just outside of Algonquin Park and for some reason, we never lost power when just about everyone else in the province did. I was in the modular prefab biz at the time and wondered why nobody was returning my calls or reading my blog. Since then we have had many local blackouts and I have laid in supplies like a butane camping stove and lanterns, and try to ensure that we have a few days food supplies in cans and bottles.

What about you? Tell us in comments.

Where were you ten years ago during the blackout?
It is one of those things that everyone remembers. What happened to you?

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