Texas Tar Sands Protests Continue: 50 Join a Tree Blockade, Press Gets Boxed Out

It's fast becoming the biggest protest that the nation hasn't heard of; the activists and landowners behind the Tar Sands Blockade have been thwarting TransCanada's efforts to build the southern leg of a giant oil pipeline for over a month now.

And the press is just now catching on. We've been covering the civil disobedience since August, but the corporation and local police in West Texas have kept mainstream reporters out — even arresting and handcuffing four credentialed journalists. Their tactics have been brutal; protesters have been tasered and choked.

But the blockades have continued to gain momentum; actress Darryl Hannah was arrested for joining the cause, and now there are over 50 people forming a tree blockade as you read this. Check out the Democracy Now! report above to get up to speed on the rest.

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