North Sea Natural Gas Platform Leak Finally Stopped

total elgin natural gas platform photo© Total

Remember that leaking natural gas platform in the North Sea, the one which for a while there was concern about a massive gas cloud exploding, and which it could take months to stop the leaking methane? Well, roughly a month and half later, it's stopped.

gCaptain reports:

French oil major Total, announced that their well intervention efforts at the North Sea Elgin complex were successful in finally halting the flow of gas from the leaking G4 well. The operation, which involved pumping heavy mud into the leaking well, began on May 15th and the leak was stopped 12 hours later.
Ultimately, a situation could have been much worse amounted to very little; and I'm following up on this for pretty much one reason: To remind people that at any given moment there is some oil or gas drilling incident underway around the world that with just slightly changed circumstances would fall into the category of 'energy disaster'. Potentially environmentally damaging accidents are an essential part and parcel of all oil and gas drilling (coal mining too).

Need a further example: As Green Prophet reminds us, there have been 7 oil spills in the Red Sea in the past six months, and few outside of local media have even taken note—including me.

North Sea Natural Gas Platform Leak Finally Stopped
After a couple months of work the methane leak amounted to not much at all, but it is a reminder that potentially environmentally damaging leaks are business-as-usual with fossil fuels.

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