Inferno: 10-minute video from a lucky survivor of Lac Megantic's catastrophe

Lac Megantic
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Hell on Earth

This 10-minute video was shot by a man who was supposed to be at the MusiCafé bar that was engulfed by flames on july 6 after a train derailed in the city. Out of sheer luck, he had to leave the bar to return home, and that allowed him to survive and tell his tale on video. It's in French (with a European accent, actually, not a Québec one), but the images speak for themselves (though I'll translate some of what is said below -- I'm from Québec too, so this tragedy hits particularly close to home).

Some of what he says:

"All of downtown seems to be on fire. All of it..."

"Everything's blowing up, I have to get further away... unbelievable.. "

He then calls a woman (his girlfriend?), telling her about the fire, and that he saw people at the MusiCafé. You can hear in his voice that he's thinking about what might have happened to those people...

"Never seen anything like this, it doesn't make any sense... My god, it's crazy.."

Then there's a huge explosion with a big fireball that goes up kind of like a nuclear mushroom, which convinces him to move back (approx. translation: "Oh my god! I'm getting the f.. out of here").

With emotion in his voice: "I hope everybody got away. I hope everybody got away..."

For more details on this catastrophe, see Chris and Lloyd's posts:

-UPDATE: Runaway oil train explodes in Canadian town, 13 dead, 50 missing (VIDEOS)

-Air Brakes are supposed to be "fail-safe". So what caused the Lac-Megantic disaster?

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